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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Book: Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks

InfoQ Book: Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks

InfoQ has partnered with Minh T. Nguyen to bring you another excellent, free downloadable book. Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks explains how to use VS.NET efficiently. Organized into short and easy-to-grasp sections, and containing tips and tricks on everything from editing and compiling to debugging and navigating within the VS.NET IDE, this book is a must-read for all .NET developers, regardless of expertise and whether they program in C#, VB.NET, or any other .NET language. This book covers the Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003, and 2005 Beta 1 releases.

The book is available for free download and the print copy can be purchased for only $13.95. In this book you'll find the following:
  • More than 120 tips for editing and writing your code, navigating within the IDE, and compiling, debugging, and deploying your application
  • Section dedicated to VS.NET 2005
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the majority of tips
  • More than 90 figures and screenshots
Checkout Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks

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