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InfoQ Homepage News Borland to Sell Java and .NET IDE Business

Borland to Sell Java and .NET IDE Business

Borland is getting close to finding a buyer for it's IDE business which includes JBuilder, Delphi, C#Builder, and C++Builder. The company announced it's intention 5 months ago that it wanted to sell it's IDE tools and Interbase business, and claims to have received 12 inquires of interest. 

Borland’s IDE business has been beset by the commoditization of Java IDEs from the open source Eclipse Foundation and by Microsoft’s Visual Studio juggernaut. In May, the company reported revenue from the IDE products of approximately $84 million, or 30 percent of total revenue for 2005. That’s a decline of $49 million, or approximately 37 percent, from 2004, the company said.

The combined install base of Borland's IDE's is said to be 4.5 million developers.  Borland last year announced that they would be rebuilding JBuilder on top of Eclipse.

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