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InfoQ Homepage News CaptainHook, Free .NET Hook Manager For Subversion Released

CaptainHook, Free .NET Hook Manager For Subversion Released

Veloc-it has built a new plugin (hook) framework in .NET, CaptainHook, for those using the Subversion version control system.  Subversion "hooks" are scripts that are triggered when a particular version control event happens, such as committing a set of changes.  Out of the box, these hooks execute as perl scripts, which are adequate for many simple tasks such as sending a post-commit email with the changes.  For more complex processing needs, CaptainHook allows a .NET application to be run in place of the hook events (scripts), and provides an easy way for .NET developers to handle Subversion hooks through a wrapper interface.

Originally developed as an internal tool by veloc-it, they have made it available for download to the public, as well as opened up the source code for contributions from the community after receiving several initial improvement suggestions.  To download or contribute, visit CaptainHook on SourceForge.

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