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CodePlex comes out of beta

Microsoft's shared source project repository, CodePlex  has emerged from its public beta, as announced yesterday at the Open Source Business Conference in London.  Similar in concept to SourceForge, and Microsoft's earlier  .NET community effort GotDotNet, CodePlex was developed from scratch using C# 2.0 with Team Foundation Server as the backend.  The CodePlex Group Program Manager is James Newkirk, former NUnit developer and author of Test-Driven Development in .NET:

Feedback is critical for us to make proper prioritizations with regard to the issues. I appreciate that it is early and not many of you have been able to create projects like you have wished. We are working on getting the site opened up for all projects who wish to participate on the site.

CodePlex is accepting new project submissions, but the number of projects approved an added each week is limited for now, to prevent the site from becoming overloaded.  James Newkirk also announces the new CodePlex Team Blog.

Some of the currently-available projects for download on CodePlex include:
  • Atlas Control Toolkit
  • IronPython
  • AJAX.NET Starter Kit
  • NUnitLite
  • TFS Source Code Version Tree Browser

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