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Seven Deadly Sins of Programming

Let's face it, all developers have written code in the past that they now regret.  Along the way, most also develop a mental list of the most egregious bad development practice to avoid in the future.  Eric Gunnerson, C# Community Coordinator at Microsoft, has posted his list of the Seven Deadliest Sins of Programming:

  • Excessive Coupling
  • Inappropriately Clever Code
  • Deferred Refactoring
  • Premature Optimization
  • Overuse of Virtual (C#) or Overridable (VB.NET)
  • Overuse of Inheritance
  • Premature Generalization
MVP and author Bill Ryan has a list of 7 Deadly Sins including more conceptual items, such as "making too many assumptions."

What's on your list?

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