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InfoQ Homepage News Deploy Your Production Rails Applications at the Engine Yard

Deploy Your Production Rails Applications at the Engine Yard

Ezra Zygmuntowicz today unveiled the Engine Yard, a new Rails application deployment service that promises to be a "hosting solution as elegant as Rails itself". A beta is planned for August timeframe and no pricing information is available yet.

Customers get the following services:
  • Redundant load balancing, mail, web servers, and databases.
  • SAN storage and application servers that scale with your needs.
  • Applications, gems, and gem version dependencies are tracked and deployed to environments you define.
  • Deploy a new app, test in Staging, move to Production, change the version in Staging, etc - all from the web.
Ezra delivered one of the most popular and informative talks of RailsConf 2006. The organizers slotted him into the frontmost room, which comfortably seated perhaps 200 people. Probably close to 300 showed up to listen. This is what he had to say to me about Engine Yard:

Engine Yard fills a niche in the rails deployment arena that is much
needed and overdue. With Rails you embrace constraints and convention
over configuration to get all the benefits. Engine Yard is the same
way. We create some constraints and conventions on how an app should
be deployed. But when you follow the Engine Yard golden path, you
will gain the same ease of use in deployment that you get with rails

Another hint of what's going on at Engine Yard may be evident at Ezra's recent blog entry entitled Dead Simple Deployment, which explains clustering of Mongrel servers.

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