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InfoQ Homepage News Detailed JavaOne Coverage Published

Detailed JavaOne Coverage Published

Every year, the most detailed coverage of what happened at JavaOne is published in really long and detailed day by day coverage articles published on   No JavaOne coverage could ever be truly comprehensive, but these articles are the most detailed you'll find anywhere.  The last (day 4) of these articles has just been posted.  The conference coverage includes:

Day 1

Java Courts Open Source
RedBoss or JHat?
Java EE 5
Sun Previews Java Mustang
Web Services Stack Improvements
JEE 5 Coming in 2007
Distributed Caching Using Spring
Scripting, Scripting, Scripting
JavaOne News from Day 1

Day 2

BEA Blends Open Source into Tooling Strategy
Oracle Outlines Its Vision of SOA 2.0
Bringing XML to Java
Buzz from the Show Floor
Things Said around JavaOne
JavaOne News from Day 2

Day 3

Service Data Objects or Data for Service Objects
Developers Love XML and Wonder about XQuery
Tools, Techniques to Go Beyond SOA Basics
Ajax Smackdown Panel
Ajax - Revolutionary or Rich UI hype?
Vendors show off their Ajax wares
JavaOne News from Day 3

Day 4

Twelve Java Technology Security Traps and How to Avoid Them
Security In Java Is Still Difficult
JCP Panel Discussion
JavaOne News from Day 4

Definitely worth a read.

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