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Ultimate Productivity Tools List for Developers

In honor of Labor Day today in the United States, here is a list of the top productivity tools for those who labor at software development in .NET:  Scott Hanselman's ultimate productivity tools for developers.  Many .NET developers know about Lutz Roeder's Reflector (included in the Big Ten Life and Work-changing Utilities), but some of the others are less well-known, and all are worth exploring.  Many (though not all) of the included tools are free, however most are time savers and others help developers dig deeper into the internal workings of the .NET Framework.  Scott's list of over 200 utilities is organized into the following categories:
  • Big Ten Life and Work-changing Utilities
  • Dropped out of the Top 10 for 2006 but still rockin' sweet
  • A Developer's Life
  • COM is Dead
  • The Angle Bracket Tax (XML/HTML Stuff)
  • Regular Expressions
  • Launchers
  • Stuff I Just Dig
  • Low-Level Utilities
  • Websites and Bookmarklets (that change the way you work)
  • Tools for Bloggers
  • Smart People and their Pages for Utils They Wrote
  • Alt.Lang
  • Browser Add-Ins
  • Things Windows Forgot
  • Outlook AddIns and Life Oganizers
  • Ultimate Registry Tweaks
  • Windows Explorer Integration (and other Integraty things)
  • Continuous Integration
  • TabletPC Indispensibles
  • ASP.NET Must Haves
  • Visual Studio .NET Add-Ins
For more productivity tips and tool recommendation, check out his podcast with Carl Franklin, "Hanselminutes".

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