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Google's Lean Software Process

Carlos E. Perez is an object-oriented practitioner and Artima blogger with an interest in process - right now, Google's software process.  From what he's found in public sources, including a paper presented to the Silicon Valley Product Management Association by Google Product Manager Marissa Mayer, he is impressed not only with what they are doing, but the scale on which they are doing it.

On the blog, Perez asked, "How closely do Google's development practices match Lean Software Development?"  By way of answer, he looked at each of the seven Lean Software practices, and how they are reflected in the Google process. 

The seven Lean Software Development practices, from the book by Mary and Tom Poppendieck, are
  1. Eliminate Waste,

  2. Amplify Learning,

  3. Empower the Team,

  4. Deliver as Fast as Possible,

  5. See the Whole,

  6. Build Integrity In,

  7. Decide as Late as Possible.

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