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New Podcast on SOA Governance

Macehiter Ward-Dutton Consulting out of the UK achieved noteriety as an SOA thought leader by posting the anti "SOA 2.0" petition lambasting Oracle and Gartner group for their marketing messages. Listen in as Neil Ward-Dutton provides a perspective on SOA Governance.

Macehiter Ward-Dutton is a specialist IT advisory firm which combines industry research and analysis with tailored consulting services, and is focused exclusively on issues surrounding IT-business alignment. The company was formed in February 2005 by two top-level analysts formerly of Ovum: Neil Ward-Dutton and Neil Macehiter. This specialization in IT-business alignment make them an interesting commentator on the SOA movement, and they are among the most agile in the analyst community to respond to new trends with blogs, podcasts and research reports for their subscribers.

This second installment includes discussion by both principals of the organization, Neil Macehiter and Neil Ward Dutton (yes, they are both named Neil) focusing on their thoughts on SOA Governance following conversations with both vendors and enterprises on the issue. They also contextualize some of the SOA Governance-related M&A that's been going on recently and what it means.

The short blog entry can be read here, which leads to a link to the audio.

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