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InfoQ Homepage News IBM Backs Dojo Ajax Toolkit

IBM Backs Dojo Ajax Toolkit

IBM earlier this month committed ri18N support to the Dojo toolkit and has just announced its intention to continue contributing to Dojo, as well as joining the Dojo Toolkit foundation.  IBM wil also be contributing accessibility code to make Dojo compliant with the W3C Dynamic Web Accessibility spec, allowing Dojo widgets to be fully accessible via keyboard or other assistive technologies.  IBM will also be adding data binding to make Dojo's datamodel.

Alex Russell, dojo lead said:
Today, IBM went a step further by announcing their support of the Toolkit and the Foundation. IBM’s involvement is helping to mature the toolkit in areas like accessibility and data binding which help preserve the reach of Ajax applications and lower the costs to both users and developers. Through partnerships with companies like IBM, SitePen, JotSpot, Renkoo, and AOL, users can be assured that Dojo’s vibrant and growing community will continue to support them through the entire spectrum of applications, from lightweight UIs for consumer internet apps to data-rich intranet dashboards.
According to David Boloker, CTO Internet Emerging Technologies, IBM. "The Dojo Foundation is an ideal partner for these contributions because of their strong growing community, talented developers, extensible architecture and powerful and innovative abstractions for JavaScript." posted a short article, The Dojo Toolkit in Practice, last week.   The trend towards the internet as an application platform (web 2.0) is definitely going mainstream with IBM backing Dojo, Google recently releasing the Google Web Toolkit, Yahoo's User Interface Library, the Rails community driving Scriptaculous/Prototype, Adobe's Spry framework, and others such as DWR and Mochikit.    Harshad Oak recently wrote a quick introduction to the top 7 frameworks on

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