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InfoQ Homepage News IBM Donates WSDM Code to Apache

IBM Donates WSDM Code to Apache

IBM has donated its implementation of key WSDM (Web Services Distributed Management) components, such as WSRF 1.2 and WSDM MUWS 1.1, to the Apache Muse project. Muse, originally developed and donated to Apache by HP, is an open source implementation of the WSDM specification. IBM has also assigned dedicated programmers to support Muse's development and plans to incorporate it into its own products.

WSDM, defined by OASIS, consists of two parts: MUWS (Management Using Web Services) and MOWS (Management of Web Services), the latter being a specific application of the former for management of Web service resources. WSDM is supported by HP, IBM, BEA, Oracle, and others. Notably absent is Microsoft, who have specified a more light-weight, device-oriented management specification, WS-Management, together with Sun, Dell, Intel and AMD.

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