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InfoQ Homepage News Ajax for JSF: ICEFaces Enterprise Edition 1.0

Ajax for JSF: ICEFaces Enterprise Edition 1.0

ICEsoft has released version 1.0 of their ICEFaces Enterprise Edition.  ICEFaces extends JavaServer Faces allowing developers to write AJAX style web applications in pure Java without having to use Javascript.  ICEFaces provides an Ajax Push technology that allows server changes to be "pushed" to browser based clients without traditional polling techniques.   The Community Edition is free for development and deployment, while the commercial Enterprise Edition adds advanced scalability and enterprise support options.

Specifically, ICEfaces EE adds the following additional features to the Community Edition:
  • Advanced Connection Management: Provides connection heartbeating maintain connection health, and provide additional connect status indicators. Also supports redirection in face of lost connections.
  • Asynchronous HTTP Server: Provides Enterprise-level scalability for ICEfaces applications that leverage Ajax Push technology and asynchronous mode deployments. A powerful feature that is unique to ICEfaces.
  • Clustered Deployment Support: ICEfaces applications can now be deployed in clustered environments. Specifically, ICEfaces Enterprise Edition now includes a BroadcastRenderManager capable of performing Ajax Push across multiple nodes in a cluster, and documented configurations for clustered deployments of ICEfaces applications.
ICEfaces conforms to the JSF architecture providing rendering of JSF pages directly into the browser DOM (Direct-to-DOM Rendering).  The included Ajax Bridge handles communication between the server and client tiers.  The ICEfaces Component Suite provides a set of the commonly required components including enhanced implementations of the standard JSF components as well as additional custom components. Basic project-level integration is provided for popular IDE's.   ICEfaces is engineered to be J2EE-compliant and runs on a number of open-source and commercial J2EE application servers. 

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