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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Article: Top 8 SOA Adoption Pitfalls

InfoQ Article: Top 8 SOA Adoption Pitfalls


Thomas Erl is the world's top-selling SOA author. He has written two books on SOA.  In this InfoQ article, Thomas explains the pitfalls others have fallen victim to inorder to help you chart a safer route down your own SOA roadmap. To this end he has collected the eight most common SOA adoption pitfalls he has noticed last year and explains which ones are still releavant this year.  Check out Thomas Erl's  Top 8 SOA Adoption Pitfalls.

In brief, the pitfalls are:
#8 Not Keeping in Touch with the SOA Marketplace
#7 Not Planning for Web Services Security
#6 Not Planning for Governance
#5 Not Understanding SOA Performance Requirements
#4 Not Starting with an XML Foundation Architecture
#3 Not Creating a Transition Plan
#2 Not Standardizing SOA
#1 Building SOA Like Traditional Distributed Architecture

How many of these pits have you falled into?

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