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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Day: See the top 8 sessions Wednesday in SanFrancisco

InfoQ Day: See the top 8 sessions Wednesday in SanFrancisco

If you're in the  Bay Area then you're invited to InfoQ Day at the Thirsty Bear  this Wed May 17. The Thirsty Bear is at
661 Howard St, practically across the street from the Moscone Center where Java One is being held.

One of InfoQ's main content offerings will be streaming video presentations of some of the best talks available. InfoQ already has 25+ talks recorded from 3 major conferences and a number of user group meetings, and we have rented out the Thirsty Bear on Wednesday to record eight more excellent presentations by some of the best speakers also attending Java One.  The event is free to the public all day, and refreshments will be served. You're invited!

 9:00 am The SOA Component Model Rob High, IBM Chief Architect
10:00 am Support, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting of Production Apps Alexandre Rafalovitch
11:00 am Simplifying Enterprise Development with Scripting Guillaume Laforge (Groovy founder)
12:00 pm  JRuby Charles Nutter, Thomas Enebo
 1:00 pm  Tentative: Rod Johnson Tentative: Rod Johnson
 2:00 pm  TBD  TBD
 3:00 pm Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java Platform Gilad Bracha
 4:00 pm Understanding Java EE Class loading Architectures Ernie Svelha

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