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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Ivar Jacobson on the UP, UML, MDA, and the future of methodologies

Interview: Ivar Jacobson on the UP, UML, MDA, and the future of methodologies

Ivar Jacobson, a long time contributor to the field of software development methods and methodologies, is one of the creators of the Unified Process (subsequently renamed the Rational Unified Process, RUP), as well as UML and use cases.  In his InfoQ video interview, he discussed his vision for a next generation development methodology that is at once both agile and comprehensive like UP.

The Essential Unified Process (Ess UP) is a streamlined version of the UP which, as the name implies, captures the essential practices required to be successful on a UP project.

Jacobson says, in the interview:
With agile methods there's not much to study, thin books, beautiful books but thin!  Whereas if you go to Unified Process, in particular Rational Unified Process, there's no one that ever will be able to read it completely... if you want to adopt it, there's no way you can adopt it without having coaches or mentors that help you.  I wouldn't even try to adopt Unified Process without having people who have done it before.  It's too expensive and too risky to do it.  But that is how it is today; it won't be like that in the future.
His vision includes collaborative 'Intelligent Agents' to help make sense of the possibilities inherent in a large methodology, automated agents which make customization recommendations based on usage patterns.

Jacobson also talks about his views on UML, MDA, AOP, and the future of software development methodologies.  Watch the interview: Ivar Jacobson on UML, MDA, and the future of methodologies.

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