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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: JRuby - Bringing Ruby to the JVM

Presentation: JRuby - Bringing Ruby to the JVM

In this InfoQ-exclusive presentation, JRuby leads Thomas Enebo and Charles Nutter show off the current state of the JRuby project, which has come a long way under their stewardship. The presentation shows compelling demonstrations of how the Ruby language and key Ruby applications can function well on the Java Virtual Machine.

Watch JRuby - Bringing Ruby to the JVM  (41 min).

Charles Nutter of the JRuby development team has been working to redesign JRuby's core interpreter and improve compatibility with Ruby 1.8. Lately he has been focusing on getting key Ruby applications to work. JRuby Project Manager and lead developer, Thomas Enebo is interested in web application development and the Ruby programming language.  The presentation was recorded in May at an InfoQ launch event near Java One.

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