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LINQ Examples Posted

Scott Guthrie has posted the materials from his recent Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) talk at Tech Ed Australia.  For those looking for detailed code samples to understand LINQ further, download these materials. PowerPoint slides are also included in the download for those who want an overview, and even the slides contain quite a bit of code.

LINQ is a set of extensions for .NET to provide a powerful, native query syntax for C# and VB, allowing developers to perform SQL-like queries against any .NET collection or drop down to raw SQL when needed.  LINQ can also query XML and any LINQ result sequence can be databound to ASP.NET controls.  LINQ for entities (formerly described as "ObjectSpaces") is available with the August ADO.NET CTP.  LINQ is currently planned for release with C# 3.0 / VB9 / Visual Studio Orcas / the .NET framework version tentatively known as 3.5.

Example of a LINQ query:

string [] cities = { “Auckland”, “Oslo”, “Sydney”,
       “Seattle”, “Paris”, “Los Angeles” };

IEnumerable places = from city in cities
       where city.Length > 5
             orderby city descending
       select city;

Further reading on LINQ:

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