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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft DSL Tools 1.0 RTM

Microsoft DSL Tools 1.0 RTM

Microsoft has released the first RTM version of its Domain Specific Language Tools. According to Microsoft, "Domain-Specific Language Tools lets you create a custom graphical designer that uses your own domain-specific diagrammatic notation. You can then create custom text templates that use models created in your designer to generate source code and other files." Domain-Specific Language Tools requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition or above." DSL Tools v1 is available as part of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK version 3.0.

Developers need at least Visual Studio Professional Edition to create new domain specific language designers. These designers can be used by others who have at least Visual Studio Standard Edition.

The VISP Affiliate site lists other goodies in the VS 2005 SDK include "contents and samples for Team Foundation Server and Team Test extensibility, IronPython website and web project samples, 5 new Visual Studio PowerToys, managed parser & lexer generator tools (MPPG/MPLEX), updated documentation and many more IDE integration samples."

This release also includes a new version of the end user license agreement.

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