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NAG Continuous Integration Monitor Announced

Digital Focus, an east-coast firm specializing in Agile software development and integration, this week announced their new "NAG" continuous integration monitoring tool, specifically designed to support Agile development teams. The NAG client runs in the Windox or Linux system tray (or standalone in other operating systems), monitoring the stability of multiple application servers and immediately notifying users of software build failures via audible and visual cues.

The current 0.2-alpha release of NAG provides basic monitoring and configuration options for the Apache Continuum continuous integration server. The NAG release plan reveals that future versions, already in development, will include support for Cruise Control, Lunt Build, and Ant Hill monitoring.

Being an open source project, teams may develop their own notifiers and listeners and hook them in through the the nag.xml spring configuration file. However, out-of-the box installation is designed to be friendly: all user configuration is completed through the tool. Upon initial startup, the user will be prompted to enter continuous integration setup.

Sponsored by the Digital Focus Open Source Initiative, NAG encourages developers to submit patches, bug reports, and feedback information to help other professionals collaborate. "Our Open Source Initiative has brought technology professionals together to collaborate and we are confident that with our first product offering, NAG, they will only continue to help each other in evolving software," said Erin Smith, president of Digital Focus.

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