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InfoQ Homepage News New Official Ruby Site Launches

New Official Ruby Site Launches

Alongside the recent release of Ruby 1.8.5 came a relaunch of the official Ruby language Web site at The new site has been over 18 months in the making and is based on a design that was submitted to the visual identity team and was chosen in May 2005. For those who wish to get involved with the Web site or discuss the new design, the visual identity team have their own mailing list called 'vit-discuss'.

Alongside the redesign has come a major amount of rewriting and content creation, so if you haven't visited the official Ruby site in the last couple of weeks, it's worth dropping by to see everything that's new. The site has been redesigned with a focus on making it easy for newcomers to Ruby to become familiar with the language, but without alienating the existing community. Another improvement is the site's availability in Japanese.

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