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InfoQ Homepage News Groovy gets a contribution from Oracle; ongoing Grails contributions discussed

Groovy gets a contribution from Oracle; ongoing Grails contributions discussed

Oracle has recently contributed an extension to the Groovy JMX MBean that will aid in managing Java apps with Groovy.  Oracle sees the ability to use scripting languages and Groovy in particular to administer, monitor, and deploy apps as something the community needs.

An ongoing contribution is currently being discussed between Oracle and the Groovy and Grails leads about Oracle's intention to contribute ongoing engineering and QA resources to the projects.   Oracle will initlally contribute QA teams to make Grails work on Oracle's appserver, and discussions are beginning about donating resources to make the Java Persistence API (JPA) work under Grails (as an alternative to Hibernate).

Groovy is getting a lot of exposure at Java One  and Oracle's Groovy guy Tugdual Grall spoke to InfoQ about Oracle's contribution. "We want to facilitate the development experience so  frameworks like Grails and Ruby on Rails are great at doing this, but while we're interesetd in JRuby, what you need for the enterprise is an IT integration strategy. How is your web app integrated into your organization's IT management and deployment strategy?"   Oracle sees Grails as potentially having better chances for mainstream adoption because "at the end what you generate with Grails is a J2EE app, web container managed and deployed. You can manage it in the same way you manage any other J2EE app."

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