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InfoQ Homepage News Railsday 2006 Draws to a Close

Railsday 2006 Draws to a Close

Railsday 2006 seems have lived up to its promise of excitement. Over 180 teams of 1-3 Rails developers registered for the contest, competing for fame and great prizes, including a MacBook Pro. According to the real-time stats available at commits to the official Subversion repository peaked at 640 per hour (over 10 checkins per second!) around 12am EST, the last few minutes of the contest. In all, the contestants made over 5400 commits in 24 hours. Now the only thing that remains is to see what all the teams actually wrote in their day of furious coding.

Some of the URLs have already started to bubble up out of the fray. Rails superstars Technoweenie, Courtenay and  Justin Palmer had the most commits for their Railsday app and were kind of enough to post photos of their team in action. Other impressive Railsday 2006 apps already visible online include Advisr, Eventell, and SimpleForms.

With such a large pool of participants, now it will be very interesting to see how long it takes to judge the winners.

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