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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Article: Real World Rules Engines

InfoQ Article: Real World Rules Engines

Rule engines are a useful tool that can be used to externalize business logic, involve business users, or solve certain classes of problems in an efficient way. In this InfoQ Article, Geoffrey Wiseman explains what, when, and how to use rules engines along with his experiences applying them in finanicial services.

The articles introduces rules engines, shows some example architectures, performance and management issues, patterns and anti-patterns:
In general, you might consider a business rule solution if you need to externalize business rules, support rapid change and empower business users to change business rules. You'll get the most out of a rule engine if you accept the new paradigm by relinquishing flow control, using fine-grained rules and objects, avoiding cross-products, and understanding the combinatorics and recursion that a rule approach can create.
Read Real World Rules Engines.

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