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SOA Helps Secure Your Retirement

SOA can help assure your retirement!  Just not in the way you might think. The Federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation guarantees basic pension benefits earned by 44 million workers and retirees in over 30,000 private sector pension plans. Odds are this includes some InfoQ readers

T.he Federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation has embarked on an enterprise scale SOA project. Keane Federal Systems was awarded a component of this project, known as the SOA Center of Excellence, worth $6 Million USD over 4 years.

John Alfano, sector vice president of Keane Federal Systems, said the company has extensive experience with the Federal Enterprise Architecture, which puts it in a good position to do SOA work for PBGC. Keane also has an ongoing relationship with the federal corporation. It currently supports PBGC in project management, quality assurance, customer relationship management and engineering services.

Keane's differentiated approach, focused on integrated technology, a robust SOA Center of Excellence strategy, and an understanding of governance, will allow PBGC to benefit from an enterprise-wide process that will be compliant with their federally mandated enterprise architecture framework. Keane's approach will not only provide reusable technical services and lower overall cost of development, but will also contribute to regulatory compliance efforts for A-123, FISMA reporting, the President's Management Agenda, and eGovernment initiatives.

PBGC is not funded by general tax revenues. PBGC collects insurance premiums from employers that sponsor insured pension plans, earns money from investments and receives funds from pension plans it takes over.

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