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SharpDevelop Version 2 Released

The SharpDevelop team has released SharpDevelop 2.0 final, the open-source IDE for .NET development.  This release add integrated debugging support, the "Go to Definition" option, "Find References", and support for several common refactorings.

SharpDevelop now has most of the features provided by Visual Studio Express (see feature comparison matrix), plus integrated unit testing and code coverage analysis, which are only included in pricier Visual Studio Team Editions.  Many organizations are opting to stick with Visual Studio Professional Edition, which does not provide testing support, so SharpDevelop may prove to be a viable alternative for some.  In addition, SharpDevelop can perform simple code generation tasks for an interface, and even has an option to convert between languages, bi-directionally.  SharpDevelop currently supports C#, VB.NET, and Boo.

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