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Submissions Wanted on Lean and Agile Together

Agile trainers and coaches Jean Tabaka, Jeff Sutherland, Mary Poppendieck are looking for paper submissions on the subject of Incorporating Lean Development Practices into Agile Software Development, for the Software Technology Track of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences to be held in January of 2007. Read further details on this track (scroll down to the Software Engineering Practices Cluster). The deadline for paper submissions is June 15, 2006.

Subjects include all aspects of agile methods, particularly those that bring best practices in knowledge management and lean development to Scrum and similar practices:
  • Agile methods and processes
  • Business and social facets of agile software development
  • Technical facets of agile software engineering
  •  Agile usability Tools for agile developers and teams
  • Empirical studies of agile methods
This is another good opportunity for exchange of ideas and cross-pollination, particularly since the conference submits all accepted papers to the IEEE Digital Library for publication. The deadline is short so please contact the organizers directly with your questions, including any issue of getting material ready in time.

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