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TestNG 5.0 Released

Cedric Beust has announced the launch of TestNG, the popular Testing framework and alternative to JUnit.  Alexandru Popescu (TestNG co-founder) is also InfoQ's Chief Architect.  Cedric blogged about the announcement and provided insights into the new features and why they were added.

The major new features in TestNG are:
  • Configuration annotations are now called @BeforeTest, @BeforeSuite, which are terse and also support IDE auto-completion for users who might type @Before
  • When executing multiple test suites, reports are now kept distinct in each suite's directory. Report UI's have also been improved.
  • New SuiteName and testName attributes in the @Test annotation allows grouping tests to specific suites in the code instead of TestNG.XML. Useful for grouping reports for tests executed via ant or command line.
  • @ExpectedAnnotations deprecated in favour of an expectedExceptions attribute in @Test.
  • Improved StackTrace readibility by hiding unnecessary portions of the stack trace
TestNG was started by Cedric Beust out of frustration for some JUnit deficiencies which he has documented  here, here, here and in particular, here.  TestNG has become popular over the years due to it's improvements over JUnit, culminating in JUnit 4.0's replication of some TestNG features.

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