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Testing and Debugging Ruby on Rails

Well-known Railer Rabble has launched a companion blog to his upcoming O'Reilly book covering the important topics of testing and debugging Ruby on Rails. His welcome message sets our expectations high.

Testing is a central part of ruby on rails and part of what makes it stand out from other web development frameworks. Unfortunately all to often developers do not do tests in their development. This site is aimed at answering the questions which come up to prevent people from doing testing in their rails apps. It’s also about documenting and pushing forward the state of the art in rails testing.

Right now he's got a couple of interesting posts that show promise of quality content to come. The Rails Debugger Shootout sheds light on the options available for debugging Rails apps and declares a winner.

Test Driven Debugging describes a process for building out tests from an existing application, starting by adding tests as you debug. The format of the Rails logs make it easy to build out individual tests based on requests in your app. Rabble describes a gradual process which helps debugging and improves test coverage for the future.

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