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InfoQ Homepage News VistaFei Brings GUI Editing to Google Web Toolkit

VistaFei Brings GUI Editing to Google Web Toolkit

Wirelexsoft has announced VistaFei, an Eclipse-based visual GUI editor for Google Web Toolkit (GWT).   GWT UI's can be built using drag and drop from  a Palette controls and WYSIWYG editing area.  VistaFei provides more than 35 elements in the palette covering most developer's needs for AJAX application design. Main features include:
  • Image handling
  • Full Internationalization capabilities and can import translations from standard Excel spreadsheets
  • Transparent Launch of GWT Compiler and Debugger
  • Wizards to create new GWT Projects and AJAX Applications
  • Wizards to create Tables, Grids, Tabs, etc
  • Connects to standard Version Control Systems, such as CVS and ClearCase
  • Integrates Eclipse Web Tool Platform (WTP) enabling access to its Tools and Editors.
  • Creates composite widgets for later re-use

A demo video and tutorial are available on the Wirelexsoft website along with a downloadable beta. Pricing has not been announced at this time.

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