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InfoQ Homepage News Agile Tooling Survey - What Is Your Team Using?

Agile Tooling Survey - What Is Your Team Using?

Pete Behrens of  TrailRidge Consulting wants to know what kind of tooling Agile teams are using, and he invites our readers to respond to his short Agile Tooling survey.

When the term "Agile" was first coined, it's a good bet that practitioners knew one another, and had a pretty good handle on what was being implemented and invented.  But years of creative adaptation, combined with organic growth far beyond the initial originators, must make it difficult to categorically say "here's what's going on out there".  Leaders in the field still want feedback, though, and seem to be turning to surveys to get it: commercial customer surveys, invitation-only surveys, public surveys.

So, here's an open survey, looking to discover what Agile teams are using to automate aspects of their process: not just software engineering tools, but also requirements management, project management, acceptance testing and remote collaboration software.   This survey is independent from any particular tool vendor and Behrens states it's not intended for marketing use by any particular vendor.  It consists of 16 questions and is designed to take about five minutes.  

It's interesting to see that there's a wide variety of responses acceptable, with multiple responses, and write-in "other" answers. For example:
B1: What type of tool(s) does your team use to manage requirements, user stories and/or the product backlog?
Please choose all that apply:
  • Manual note cards or sticky notes
  • General Office Product (e.g. Microsoft Word/Excel, Star Office, etc.)
  • Wiki (e.g. ScrumWiki, TikiWiki, etc.)
  • Internally developed application
  • Agile Process Tool (e.g. ExtremePlanner, Rally, ScrumWorks, TargetProcess,
  • VersionOne, XPlanner, etc.)
  • Traditional Requirements Management Tool (e.g. Borland Caliber RM, IBM
  • Rational RequisitePro, MKS Requirements, Serena PVCS/TeamTrack, Telelogic)
  • Other (please Specify):
Behrens also wants feedback on the survey itself - an (optional) question asks: "Are there questions you wish we would have asked or asked in a different way?"

You can download the survey pdf on the InfoQ site and fax it to Behrens, or take it online on the Trailridge Consulting site. We will announce when the results are posted, and at the end of the survey you can request a copy of the results.

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