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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Article: Painless AOP with Groovy

InfoQ Article: Painless AOP with Groovy

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Groovy's Metaobject-Protocol provides a single point of contact for modifying the core behaviour of the Objects we create. In this latest InfoQ article, John McClean shows how to use Groovy's MOP to perform AOP interception without proxyies or bytecode manipulation, and shows how the same is possible in Ruby and other dynamic languages.

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Dynamic languages like Groovy make implementing custom-AOP infrastructure painless. There is no requirement for byte-code modification, and the infrastructure code base can be kept small so as to be readily understandable by new developers. Groovy's MetaObject-Protocol allows us to mould our Object's behavoiur to suit the problem at hand and first class functions and dynamic typing makes dynamically inserting functionality relatively easy.

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