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CSS Control Adapter Toolkit Update Beta 2

The CSS Adapter Toolkit beta 2  update is out; it replaces the standard output of ASP.NET controls with CSS-friendly markup. A customizable style sheet is created for each control, allowing you to provide a consistent look and feel site-wide.

This toolkit relies on a 2.0 technology called Control Adapters. These allow you to alter the rendering behavior of a control site-wide. Unlike previous versions of ASP.NET, you do not need to subclass existing controls to get this functionality. Just register them in the web.config file and you are good to go. The developer writing the page need never know the designer is using CSS.

If you want to create your own Control Adapters, you have the additional option of using different versions for each browser. But that shouldn't be necessary for the controls supported by this toolkit. These include:
  • ChangePassword 
  • CreateUser
  • DataList
  • DetailsView
  • FormsView
  • GridView  
  • Login  
  • LoginStatus
  • Menu
  • PasswordRecovery  
  • TreeView
For a walk-through, see Scott Guthrie's web log.

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