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InfoQ Homepage News .Net 3.0 Release Candidate Available

.Net 3.0 Release Candidate Available

On September 1, Microsoft began offering a release candidate of the .Net Framework 3.0 (formally WinFx). This release contains the new technologies Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon), Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo), Windows Workflow Foundation, and Windows CardSpace (InfoCard). It does not contain LINQ, which is still considered to be at least a year away.

This version represents a major break in the way the .Net runtime is distributed. In the past, each new version of the runtime was offered in conjunction with a new version of the Visual Studio IDE. The third major release will continue to use Visual Studio 2005.

Microsoft is currently planning on a final release in conjunction with Windows Vista. In the mean time Microsoft is not allowing production use without a Go-Live license. While this can be obtained free of charge, it doesn't allow distribution of the runtime. This pretty much limits it to web servers and internal use.

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