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InfoQ Homepage News Javolution Real-Time Library 4.0 Released

Javolution Real-Time Library 4.0 Released

The Javolution project has recently released version 4.0. Javolution is a real-time library aiming to make Java applications faster and more time predictable. It provides a number of features to squeeze performance out of Java including safe/transparent object recycling, parallel computing support, time deterministic java.util replacements, and fast XML binding. Version 4.0 adds:

  • A new configuration plug-in class (Configurable class)
  • XML stream reader/ writer (StAX-like)
  • Faster, Simpler, Meaner... XML marshalling/unmarshalling (using the StAX-like classes)
  • Explicit object recycling now works in the default heap context
  • Faster object recycling (yes it can be even faster)
  • Refactoring and renaming
  • More I/O classes (e.g. AppendableWriter, CharSequenceReader)

InfoQ caught up with project lead Jean-Marie Dautelle to discuss the project. In regards to why he created the project Dautelle responded:

Javolution is an open-source Java library for high-performance/time-critical systems. Although the standard Java library is adequate if the user does not mind delays from time to time (e.g. garbage collection, array resizing, etc); it is not suitable for real-time applications or even any application for which response time matter (which might encompass most of today systems)! Javolution aims to provide a highly time-deterministic standard library without sacrifycing performance ... I wanted to use Java (instead of C/C++) for my day-to-day work on real-time/safety critical systems.

He went on to discuss the most significant feature additions in 4.0:

The StAX real-time XML reader/writer took a lot of time! The XML data binding has also been refactored and is now much more powerful and flexible (definitively the fastest marshalling/unmarshalling engine in existence).

Dautelle then commented on future directions of Javolution. While it already provides ConcurrentContext to take advantage of multi-processors transparently, he indicated that version 5.0 we might included additional support for distributed computing (across multiple machines).

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  • Project website

    by Jim Bethancourt,

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    The project's website is

  • RTJS / JSR-1 required ?

    by Alex Vasseur,

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    Jean-Marie / Jim
    Can you clarify if Javolution requires RTJS / JSR-1 or not.
    If not, what are you plans regarding it ?


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