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InfoQ Homepage News Migrating Applications to Struts2

Migrating Applications to Struts2

Struts was first released in June of 2001. Since that time it has become the de-facto standard for web application development. Many other frameworks such as WebWork, RIFE, JSF, and Tapestry have risen in the years that have followed. None of them including Struts successors such as Shale and Struts Ti have been able to completely move developer attention away from Struts. In December 2002 it was announced that WebWork and Struts Ti would join forces to become Struts Action Framework 2.0 and the official successor to Struts.

In a new InfoQ article series, Ian Roughley looks at the task of moving applications from Struts to Struts2. The series seeks to introduce the concepts and new features available in Struts2 in order to arm developers with the knowledge needed to migrate their applications. The first article includes a walk through of the request life-cycle in Struts2, configuration, and the action differences between the old and new versions of the framework.

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...Before we start the migration process, a little background to Struts2 is needed. The first part of this article will introduce Struts2, along with some of the core architectural differences that will help to conceptually put everything together. The second part will cover migrating the back-end - an in-depth look at the differences between actions; action related framework features; and action configuration. The final part of this article will address the user interface. We'll cover the architecture; talk about UI components, themes and tags; and put a new face on our application.

It is not my intent to cover every migration scenario available, but rather to introduce the concepts and new features available in Struts2 by starting from a common starting point. Armed with this knowledge, migrating an application of any size should be a piece of cake!...

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