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InfoQ Homepage News Mule ESB 1.3 Released - Adds XFire and Spring Remoting Support

Mule ESB 1.3 Released - Adds XFire and Spring Remoting Support

MuleSource, the company founded earlier this year to provide support and services to Mule users, has released Mule 1.3 today. Mule is the most commonly used open-source Enterprise Service Bus, with over 200,000 downloads.

New to Mule in 1.3 is support for XFire, a soap stack based on STaX. XFire can be used interchangeably with the existing Glue and Axis endpoints. Also new is deeper integration of the SMuT Stack (the combination of Spring, Mule and Tomcat that many people use for a lightweight app server) with the ability to invoke or be invoked by, Spring Remoting services. Dave Rosenberg, CEO of MuleSource, noted that the SMuT stack is one of three main use cases for Mule.

The Mule team has devoted time to significant performance improvements in 1.3. While Mule has been known to handle over 1 million transactions a day, they rewrote the Http transport to be more efficient and to support message chunking. Similarly, they have improved the JMS system to manage receiver threads and session caching.

Other new features in Mule 1.3 include:

  • HiveMind support
  • New transaction managers (including Weblogic, Websphere, JRun, JBoss, Resin and Generic Jndi-based support)
  • Support for JavaSpaces (Mule 1.3 ships with the GigaSpaces implementation of JavaSpaces)
  • Improved control of message encoding

 Complete release notes for Mule 1.3 are available from MuleSource. InfoQ had a detailed teechnical article on using Mule published a few months ago. See: Evolutionary Integration with ESBs.

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