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  • Server-Rendered Web Applications in Deno with Aleph.js

    Aleph.js, a React framework for server-rendered applications in Deno, is now available through an alpha release. Aleph makes many of Next.js’ core features available in Deno environments: zero-config server-side rendering, static site generation, file-system and API routing, and more. Aleph uses the standard EcmaScript Modules (ESM) import syntax and does not need a bundler in development.

  • Next.js 9.5 Improves Static Site Regeneration Performance

    Next.js, the open-source React-based framework from Vercel, adds several static site generation performance improvements in the Next.js 9.5 release. The release also allows developers to optionally opt-in to Webpack 5 beta for smaller and faster builds.


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