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  • InfoQ DevOps and Cloud Trends Report – July 2023

    InfoQ editorial staff and friends of InfoQ are discussing the current trends in the domain of cloud and DevOps as part of the process of creating our annual trends report. These reports provide InfoQ readers with a high-level overview of the topics to pay attention to and help the editorial team focus on innovative technologies.

  • Your Tech Stack Doesn’t Do What Everyone Needs It To. What Next?

    Stack extensibility is an essential trait of well-designed IT ecosystems. Low-code BPA (Business Process Automation) has advantages that puts it at the forefront of approaches to stack extensibility. Learn how low-code software increases process resiliency by empowering business teams with an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand and, most of all, IT-sanctioned set of tools.

  • Adopting Low Code/No Code: Six Fitnesses to Look for

    When selecting a no-code/low-code platform, six key fitnesses should be examined: purpose fit, cost fit, ops fit, user fit, use-case fit, and organization fit. The IT team should be heavily involved in this decision as they play a pivotal role in helping citizen developers with platform adoption.

  • The Future of DevOps is No-Code

    The need for high-quality DevOps personnel is skyrocketing, but it is harder than ever to find enough staff. It is possible to augment your DevOps organization using no-code and low-code tooling. Low-code and no-code tools can free up existing developers by reducing the time spent on integrating and administering DevOps toolsets.

  • It’s Time to Start Growing No-Code Developers

    It’s time to start training and promoting people to be “business application no-code developers.” Why? Because everyone who manages a system is now a “developer,” whether they were trained that way or not. And if you don’t do this, your company will run into insurmountable problems when scaling its systems. Read this advice from a CTO on how your org can catch up.