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Followers Book Launch of “Commitment”, and an Interview with Olav Maassen, Chris Matts and Chris Geary by Ben Linders Follow 29 Followers Posted on Jul 02, 2013 Commitment is a graphical business novel about managing project risks with “Real Options”, a way of thinking to improve your decision making. InfoQ attended the book launch on May 14 in Amersfoort, The Netherlands and spoke with the authors about decision making, risks and technical debt. 1

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Followers Moonlight 2.0 Comes with a New Covenant by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers Posted on Dec 23, 2009 2

Followers Microsoft Bound By GPLv3 According to the Free Software Foundation by Mark Figley Follow 0 Followers Posted on Aug 28, 2007

Followers Novell and Microsoft Announce Interop Collaboration by Floyd Marinescu Follow 40 Followers Posted on Oct 15, 2006