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  • Moonlight 2.0 Comes with a New Covenant

    Moonlight 2.0 (final version) comes with a promise from Microsoft to help the developing of Moonlight 3 and 4, and a new MS Covenant to end users protecting them from patent infringement by using Moonlight.

  • Microsoft Bound By GPLv3 According to the Free Software Foundation

    When Novell first signed an agreement with Microsoft to establish a marketing alliance and resolve patent disputes regarding it's SUSE Linux distribution, a lot of people in the open source community berated Novell for the move. But now the FSF claims that the arrangement, which makes Microsoft a reseller of Novell's Linux stack, obligates Microsoft to comply with GPLv3.

  • Novell and Microsoft Announce Interop Collaboration

    Novell and Microsoft have announced a set of business and technical collaboration agreements to build, market and support a series of new solutions to make Novell and Microsoft products work better together.The over all goal of the agreement is greater interoperability and manageability between mixed Windows and Linux infrastructures.