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  • OmniFish on Providing Support for Jakarta EE 10 and GlassFish 7

    OmniFish, the Estonia-based Jakarta EE consulting company, launched support for Jakarta EE in September 2022. This includes JakartaEE 10, GlassFish 7, and Piranha Cloud and its components like Mojarra. OmniFish recently also joined the Jakarta EE Working Group as a participant member. InfoQ spoke to Arjan Tijms, David Matějček, and Ondro Mihályi about OmniFish.

  • Java News Roundup: Introducing OmniFish, Oracle Joins Micronaut Foundation, OpenJDK Updates

    This week's Java roundup for October 3rd, 2022, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 20, Spring milestone updates, Eclipse Tumerin 19, OmniFaces 4.0, PrimeFaces 12.0, Introducing OmniFish, Quarkus 2.13.1, Oracle joins Micronaut Foundation, Eclipse Vert.x 4.3.4, JobRunr 5.3, Apache Tomcat 9.0.68, Apache Camel 3.19, Apache Tika 2.5, ArchUnit 1.0 and conferences Devoxx Morocco and JAX London.