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Followers Implementing a DSL for Social Modeling: an Embedded Approach Using Scala by Jesús López González Follow 0 Followers , Juan Manuel Follow 0 Followers Posted on Oct 13, 2013 Juan Manuel and Jesús López González share their experience gathered over five years designing and implementing Speech, a DSL for programming social processes.

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Followers Rejection of Social Media API by JCP Expert Group Members Sparks Debate On Innovation by Charles Humble Follow 977 Followers Posted on Apr 11, 2012 When the JCP rejected JSR 357 (Social Media API) in an 8 to 5 vote, members criticised it for being too broad in scope and not taking sufficient account of security and the mobile space. However, members favouring the proposal indicated this was a political move and impedes innovation.

Followers Bringing in Social Content to Custom Applications with Apache Shindig by Boris Lublinsky Follow 1 Followers Posted on Oct 09, 2009 This article discusses how an OpenSocial implementation, Apache Shindig, can be used to alleviate some commonly-encountered issues with implementing OpenSocial gadgets. Topics covered include the OpenSocial standard, Shindig architecture, how Shindig can be used to bring social networking content to an application, and usage of Shindig for OpenSocial enablement of the Gypsii social network.

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Followers OpenSocial 2.0 Gets Some Traction in the Enterprise by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers Posted on Aug 20, 2011 2