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  • Bazel Will Be the New Build System for the Android Open Source Project

    Google has announced that the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which provides the foundations for all Android-labelled OSes available in the market and more derivative OSes, will transition to use Bazel as its new build tool.

  • OSGi Alliance to Transition to Eclipse Foundation

    The OSGi Alliance announced that after 21 years of being an independent foundation, they would be transferring their assets into the Eclipse Foundation, and continuing work under the OSGi Working Group. InfoQ reached out to Dan Bandera, president of the OSGi Alliance, to find out more about the move.

  • AWS Announces Amazon MQ Will Support RabbitMQ

    AWS announced Amazon MQ will now support RabbitMQ, a popular open-source message broker. With the support for RabbitMQ, customers can migrate their existing RabbitMQ message brokers to AWS without rewriting code.

  • AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry Available for Public Preview

    Recently, AWS announced the public preview of the AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry, a secure, production-ready, AWS-supported distribution of the OpenTelemetry project. With the AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry, developers can instrument their applications in one go to send correlated metrics and traces to multiple monitoring solutions ranging from Amazon Cloudwatch to Datadog and Grafana.

  • Just AI Launched Open-Source Kotlin-Based Conversational Framework

    Just AI Conversational Framework (JAICF) provides a Kotlin-based DSL to enable the creation of conversational user interfaces. JAICF works with popular voice and text conversation platforms as well as different NLU engines. InfoQ has spoken with Just AI’s solution owner, Vitaliy Gorbachev.

  • Hacked off with Hacktoberfest

    Hacktoberfest is a promotion that Digital Ocean runs to encourage developers to contribute patches to open-source repositories hosted on GitHub in exchange for a free T-shirt. This year, however, there have been complaints by many open-source contributions being made that add little or no value to projects on GitHub, which is causing some strain on the community. InfoQ investigates.

  • Apple Open Sources System, Swift Library Interfacing with System-Level API

    System is a low-level library Apple introduced at its last WWDC conference to provide an idiomatic and type-safe interface to system calls and currency types usually available at the OS level. In keeping with Apple's aim to push Swift as a cross-platform development ecosystem, System has been open-sourced to make it easier for programmers to contribute to its further development across platforms.

  • Open Service Mesh: a Service Mesh Implementation from Microsoft

    Microsoft has released open service mesh (OSM), an alpha service mesh implementation compliant with the SMI specification. OSM covers standard features of a service mesh like canary releases, secure communication, and application insights, similar to other service mesh implementations like Istio, Linkerd, or Consul. Additionally, the OSM team is in the process of donating the project to the CNCF.

  • Rust 1.46.0 Released

    The latest Rust stable release, 1.46.0, extends the number of core language constructs that are allowed in const fn. Also, a couple of features are stabilised.

  • Google, Microsoft, GitHub, and Others Join the Open Source Security Foundation

    Supported by The Linux Foundation, the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) aims to create a cross-industry forum for a collaborative effort to improve open source software security. The list of initial members includes Google, Microsoft, GitHub, IBM, Red Hat, and more.

  • Open-Source Raspberry Tablet CutiePi Lets Developers Customize Hardware and Firmware

    The Taiwanese startup CutiePi recently launched its Raspberry Pi tablet on Kickstarter. CutiePi software and hardware design are entirely open-source, and thus can be customized at will. CutiePi self-describes as the first truly usable and thinnest Raspberry Pi tablet.

  • AWS Open-Sources CloudFormation Compliance Analyzer

    AWS has announced the preview release of CloudFormation Guard, an open-source CLI tool to enforce compliance policies against CloudFormation templates. cfn-guard provides a lightweight, declarative syntax for defining rules. It supports lists, wildcards, regex,and declaration of variables, and can work with CloudFormation intrinsic functions.

  • Production Identity Framework SPIRE Graduates to CNCF Incubator

    The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has accepted SPIFFE and SPIRE as incubation level projects. SPIFFE defines a standard to authenticate software services through the use of platform-agnostic, cryptographic identities. SPIRE is an implementation of the SPIFFE APIs that is production ready.

  • Krustlet: a kubelet Written in Rust to Run WebAssembly Workloads in Kubernetes

    Deis Labs has released Krustlet, an open-source Kubernetes kubelet written in Rust to run web assembly workloads within Kubernetes. Krustlet's initial version is functional to run an essential workload as it doesn't have support for features like pod events or Init Containers yet. Applications must implement the WebAssembly system interface (WASI) as Krustlet only runs WebAssembly containers.

  • AdoptOpenJDK to Become Eclipse Adoptium

    The AdoptOpenJDK project is to move under the Eclipse umbrella as Eclipse Adoptium as part of a transition to an open-source foundation. Having a vendor-neutral open-source foundation to steward the AdoptOpenJDK project will give a strong basis for the future. Read on to find out what it means from a practical perspective and how the transition will play out.


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