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  • Using Patterns to Drive a Transformation towards Agility - Practical Insights from Large Companies

    In the DACH region, a community of transformation leaders from about 30 companies started “DACH30” sessions where they share experiences and insights from their efforts to help their companies become more agile. This article highlights successful patterns to foster change, how to apply flow-oriented design to optimise your delivery capabilities, and the danger of the illusion of control.

  • Going Digital in the Middle of a Pandemic

    IBM achieved an enterprise-wide digital transformation program despite the challenges posed by 100% remote work and the pandemic. The article explores various transformation levers such as team set-up, process, architecture, engineering practices & tooling, metrics & governance, and culture, and shows how they were applied to achieve sustainable outcomes.

  • DevOps is Not Enough for Scaling and Evolving Tech-Driven Organizations: a Q&A with Eduardo da Silva

    Eduardo Silva from on the need for sociotechnical systems thinking. DevOps is a good starting point but a wider view of the organization as a sociotechnical system is key for sustained growth.

  • Q&A on the Book Reinventing the Organization

    The book Reinventing the Organization provides a framework of principles of practices that can help companies to deliver greater value in fast-moving markets. The authors explored some of today’s nimblest and fastest-growing large companies, looking at what goes on inside these companies and what's outside: networks, partners, and the marketplace they want to dominate.

  • Sooner, Safer, Happier: a Q&A with Jon Smart from DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas 2020

    At DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas, Jonathan Smart gave a keynote talk titled ‘Leading for Better Value Sooner Safer Happier’. Smart is the only person who has spoken at every DevOps Enterprise Summit London conference and each time in Las Vegas since 2017, previously from his role as head of ways of working at Barclays.

  • Article Series: Patterns of DevOps Culture

    Healthy organizations exhibit similar patterns of behavior, organization and improvement efforts. In this series we explore some of those patterns through testimonies from their practitioners and through analysis by consultants in the field who have been exposed to multiple DevOps adoption initiatives.

  • How Different Team Topologies Influence DevOps Culture

    There are many different team topologies that can be effective for DevOps. Each topology comes with a slightly different culture, and a team topology suitable for one organisation may not be suited to another organisation, even in a similar sector. This article explores the cultural differences between team topologies for DevOps, to help you choose a suitable DevOps topology for your organisation.

  • Q&A with Frederic Laloux on Reinventing Organizations

    In the book reinventing organizations Frederic Laloux researched 12 organizations who use fundamentally new ways to manage work and their employees. InfoQ interviewed Frederic about how evolutionary-teal organizations manage themselves, practices for start-ups, self-organizing organizations, renewing approaches for managing performance of employees and results from evolutionary-teal organizations.

  • Boost Potential with Shared Authority and Lean Management

    Shared leadership is a modern and exciting way to lead and manage. The goal of sharing authority within a team of leaders is to maximize the use of all capabilities and ideas in the organization. It does not force change upon the organizational structure, but builds on the existing structure and makes the best of it. In this article Walid Farag explores shared leadership and provides a case study.

  • Q&A with Jurgen Appelo on Management 3.0 Workout

    The book Management 3.0 Workout by Jurgen Appelo contains games, practices, stories and tools that can be used to improve management in organizations. Managers can use the book to develop skills for servant leadership and increase employee engagement. Agile teams can adopt management practices described in the book to improve team work and collaboration helping them to become self-organizing.

  • Service Oriented Architecture Governance: The Basics

    In this article, MomentumSI's Ed Vazquez explains the basics of SOA governance, with an explicit focus on the need for a holistic SOA governance model, shared governance principles and the difference between (and the need for both) tactical and strategic efforts.

  • A Hard Look at the Organizational Implications of BPM

    This article examines the conceptual BPM project from the following perspectives: what is involved to deliver the project, what are its enablers and what are its total costs of ownership (TCO). Before investments are made in reengineering processes and deploying BPM solutions, businesses need to commit to making the organizational changes necessary to allow realization of any lasting value.