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  • Eclipse Virgo Gets New Lead

    Yesterday, the Eclipse Virgo project was given a last minute reprieve, as several people put their names forward to prevent Eclipse Virgo from being archived at Eclipse. InfoQ caught up with Glyn Normington, the ex-project lead, to find a bit more about its history and its future.

  • OSGi Compendium 5 Adds Subsystems, Repositories and More

    The recently released OSGi 5 Compendium specification adds new APIs, such as Subsystems (for running partitioned applications in OSGi), a Repository and Resolver API and a means to interact with the Service Loader in Java. Read on to find out more.

  • Jigsaw, Second Cut

    In a mail to the jigsaw-dev list, Mark Reinhold posted news of a reboot of the Jigsaw project to provide modularity for the JDK. Read on to find out more about what's happening, and what to look out for.

  • OSGi Alliance Opens Up Review Process

    The OSGi Alliance has published their draft specifications onto GitHub, allowing non-OSGi members to see the process that goes behind a specification for the first time, and allowing them to be involved in commenting and suggesting improvements before the specification goes live. Read on for more information about where to find these specifications.

  • OSGi Targets JavaScript, Native

    The rising popularity of modular, polyglot application stacks has restarted a conversation at the OSGi Alliance about providing a language and run-time neutral version of the standard.

  • Hibernate adds OSGi Support

    Hibernate, the popular Java ORM, has recently added OSGi support. InfoQ caught up with Brett Meyer to find out more about the challenges involved.

  • EclipseCon 2013 Roundup

    EclipseCon 2013 was hosted in Boston this week, and covered diverse topics from OSGi in the cloud and Eclipse in space. Read on to find more about the key points covered and the winners of the Eclipse community awards.

  • Interview with Neil Bartlett about OSGi and the new Bndtools 2.0 release

    Neil Bartlett, current maintainer of the popular Bndtools Eclipse plugin for OSGi has announced the release of Bndtools 2.0. InfoQ has interviewed Neil Bartlett to learn more about Bndtools and about OSGi in general.

  • SAP's OSGi-Based Java PaaS Achieves Java Enterprise Edition 6 Web Profile Compatibility

    SAP AG announced on the 16th December that its NetWeaver Cloud product, a Java-based platform-as-a-service, has achieved Java EE 6 Web Profile Compatibility. NetWeaver Cloud runs on top of OSGi using Eclipse Virgo as the OSGi container. The product includes an Eclipse-based SDK for building, testing, and deploying applications in the cloud.

  • SpringFramework Removes OSGi Metadata in Move to Gradle

    SpringSource have been an advocate backer of the Groovy-powered Gradle build system for some time. Now that the development of 3.2 is nearing completion, it appears that a casualty of that decision is to stop generating OSGi metadata for the Spring Framework.

  • Project Jigsaw Late for the Train: Deferment ratified

    JSR 337 expert group has ratified Oracle chief architect Mark Reinhold's proposal to defer Project Jigsaw to Java 9. Were the stated reasons sufficient motivation for this deferment?

  • Apache Wicket 6 Released With Integrated jQuery Support

    The Apache Wicket project has released version 6 of its open source, component oriented Java web application framework, with built-in support for jQuery , improved JavaScript event binding, easier OSGI bundling and experimental support for WebSockets.

  • Reactions to Mark Reinhold's Recent Announcement of Project Jigsaw's Delay

    Java developers across the ecosystem have been swift to react to Mark Reinhold's announcement last week that project Jigsaw, Oracle's planned modularity framework for Java, will now be delayed until Java 9.

  • Jigsaw Deferred until Java SE 9

    Mark Reinhold has announced on his blog that the Java Jigsaw modularity proposal has been moved from inclusion in Java SE 8 and deferred into Java SE 9. This will allow Java SE 8 to be released on schedule in August 2013, whilst the modularity proposal can be refined with wider visibility for inclusion in August 2015's Java SE 9 release.

  • OSGi Release 5 Specifications add Repositories and Version Ranges

    The OSGi Alliance have released the specifications for Release 5 of their namesake framework, standardising the OSGi Bundle Repository, utilising the generic Capability requirements model, and introducing programmatic access to version ranges. This joins the recently-released OSGi 4.3 Compendium and Residential specifications. OSGi R5 is implemented in Equinox, due to be released later this month.