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Living the Good Life

Posted by Ted Neward  on  Oct 25, 2017 Posted by Ted Neward Follow 3 Followers  on  Oct 25, 2017

Ted Neward discusses what some consider to be a good life and where it can be found.

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Getting Old(er) in Tech: Staying Relevant

Posted by Don Denoncourt  on  Oct 12, 2017 Posted by Don Denoncourt Follow 6 Followers  on  Oct 12, 2017

Don Denoncourt talks about how to stay relevant in the tech industry, ways to keep coding skills sharp, no matter how old we are, perspectives for technical growth and how to be a lifelong learner.

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ADHD & Technology: Brain Hacks and Upgrades

Posted by Mike Cavaliere  on  Oct 18, 2016 Posted by Mike Cavaliere Follow 1 Followers  on  Oct 18, 2016

Mike Cavaliere discusses techniques for both managing distraction and memory challenges, as well as regular maintenance for one's brain for optimal performance along with brain improvement methods.

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Becoming an Outlier

Posted by Cory House  on  Oct 07, 2016 1 Posted by Cory House Follow 4 Followers  on  Oct 07, 2016 1

Cory House talks about making a paradigm shift in career management, activities and skills that transform average developers into outliers and techniques to accelerate career development.

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Posted by John Willis  on  Jul 13, 2016 Posted by John Willis Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 13, 2016

John Willis breaks down what is known about Burnout. Willis takes a look at some survey data and tries to suggest ways to achieve healthier outcomes for ourselves and our colleagues.

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Mens Sana in Corpore Sano: Optimizing Mind & Body

Posted by Phil Nash  on  Jun 12, 2016 1 Posted by Phil Nash Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 12, 2016 1

Phil Nash talks about one developer’s experience learning to live a healthier and happier life and some of the solutions he came up with to make meaningful changes in his life.

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API: The "I" Stands for Innovation

Posted by Mike Amundsen  on  May 28, 2016 Posted by Mike Amundsen Follow 10 Followers  on  May 28, 2016

Mike Amundsen discusses innovation and how the latest round of technical advances in APIs can be used to leverage growth and innovative thinking within teams, companies, and communities.

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Stress and Depression – The Taboo and What We Can Do About It

Posted by Gitte Klitgaard  on  Nov 01, 2015 Posted by Gitte Klitgaard Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 01, 2015

Gitte Klitgaard discusses the stress and stress-induced depression that hits many knowledge workers and offers several tips and tricks to prevent it.

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Fighting Fit: Why You Need Health, Nutrition, and Fitness to Be a Successful Technologist

Posted by Hugh Williams  on  Oct 25, 2015 1 Posted by Hugh Williams Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 25, 2015 1

Hugh Williams shares his experiences of why health, nutrition, and exercise are essential to being a successful engineer and leader.

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Where Next? Building a Career as a Technologist

Posted by Peter Bell  on  Oct 17, 2015 1 Posted by Peter Bell Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 17, 2015 1

Peter Bell discusses how to identify the ideal job, building a personal brand, balancing management and coding, freelance vs. full time and startup vs enterprise opportunities.

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Developing Cultural Intelligence

Posted by Daniel Seltzer  on  Oct 10, 2015 Posted by Daniel Seltzer Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 10, 2015

Daniel Seltzer discusses what intellectual skills are needed to be able to build and lead a successful group. These skills aren’t taught in school and don’t come from certification programs.

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Dream Job? The Vision and Journey to the Company Culture You Want

Posted by Helen Walton  on  May 31, 2015 4 Posted by Helen Walton Follow 0 Followers , Pete Burden Follow 0 Followers  on  May 31, 2015 4

Helen Walton and Pete Burden offer insight into how important culture is to a business and happiness, and the practical tools needed to make a vision become reality.