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Luca Mezzalira on Micro Frontends at DAZN

Luca Mezzalira is the VP of Architecture for DAZN. On the podcast today, Luca and Wes discuss Micro frontends and how they're implemented at DAZN. The podcast goes into benefits, strategies, and team organization details on building a micro frontend architecture.

Key Takeaways

  • A Micro frontends is an approach to developing frontends that attempts to take some of the same benefits from Microservices and apply them to frontend development.
  • Microfront ends can be developed with different technologies and ownership of components on a single view. However, DAZN took a vertical approach to build them. Each Micro frontend is loaded into an app shell that offers an API for crosscutting concerns. Only one Micro frontend is loaded at a time into the app shell.
  • The ‘Inverse Conway Maneuver’ recommends evolving your team and organizational structure to create the architecture you want.
  • DAZN derisks deployments by using canaries implemented with Lambda at the Edge on Cloudfront. For code deployments, each of the Micro frontends can be introduced with a limited scope and then expanded once proven stable.

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