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InfoQ Homepage Podcasts Steve Persch on Open Source Communities and Tough Challenges in Technical Leadership

Steve Persch on Open Source Communities and Tough Challenges in Technical Leadership

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Steve Persch of Pantheon about supporting open source communities and leading technical teams.

Key Takeaways

  • Communities need to be nurtured and supported
  • The open source community is based around the idea that you can build on the knowledge of others 
  • Leadership technical teams can be challenging and there are some simple (but not easy) things that can be dome to be better at it 
  • The goal should never be to follow a brand or methodology slavishly – it should always be about solving customer problems and delivering business value
  • Successful projects happen as a result of the people who work together, not the technology used

Show Notes

  • 00:24 Introductions
  • 02:05 Getting into a community role 
  • 02:22 Come for the code – stay for the community
  • 02:47 Describing Drupalcon
  • 03:19 The story of Drupalcamp 2012 and the impact it had on Steve 
  • 04:21 Proactively seeking opportunities at Pantheon 
  • 04:42 Pantheon’s engagement with the community 
  • 04:54 Steve’s own experience using Pantheon 
  • 06:14 The Pantheon Hero’s program – amplifying the stories of people in the community
  • 07:19 What’s special about the open source community
  • 07:24 You can build on the knowledge of others
  • 07:32 Examples of how Steve leveraged open source to be more effective in his role 
  • 08:28 Tough challenges in technical leadership 
  • 09:08 Exploring how to lead someone with vastly deeper technical knowledge than you have 
  • 09:58 Explaining the context of the specific project 
  • 10:32 The benefit of having time and funding to scope work effectively 
  • 11:10 Describing an agile structure for the project
  • 11:40 “Agile guilt – did I agile wrong?”
  • 11:57 Achieving business outcomes is more important than following a specific methodology
  • 12:17 Factors that contributed to successful outcomes – the right people on the team with the right mix of skillsets 
  • 13:15 The value of having the right client representation who is empowered to make decisions quickly
  • 14:23 Having someone who really can take on the product owner role is one of the most important success factors in an agency engagement 
  • 14:38 Advice for new team leaders 
    • Don’t try to do it all yourself – rely on your team
    • At a certain level of complexity, it becomes impossible for one person to know everything about the product – don’t try to be the all-knowing oracle 
    • Clearly recognise where there are expertise gaps in the team and ensure you get them filled 
  • 15:31 If you don’t have what you need – tell your bosses ASAP


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