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Three Baseline Metrics



Mike Burns outlines three metrics -cycle time, throughput, and work item size- a team can use to help improve team performance, and allow for the right decisions to be made at the right time.


With over 15 years in IT and experience as a software developer, business analyst and project manager, Mike Burns’ current role as an Agile Coach at Tatts Group has seen him increase his Agile knowledge and coaching skills. Mike brings calmness and common sense to problems and helps teams by providing examples, guidance, and the ability to get team members to seek the answers for themselves.

About the conference

Agile Australia was founded in 2009 as an annual Conference. Since then, not only has the Conference grown to welcome over 1,200 delegates each year as well as high-profile speakers from around the country and the world, but Agile Australia has also become much more than a Conference. AgileAus is a hub for the Australian agilist community and those interested in better ways of working.

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Dec 01, 2017

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Community comments

  • Estimating != Forecasting

    by Johnny FromCanada,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    In the Q&A, the presenter conflated estimating with forecasting, effectively stating that you cannot to the latter without the former. That is not true, unless you consider right-sizing as estimation. Perhaps that was the intention behind the answer; but the subtlety was likely lost on the person asking. Check out #noestimates.

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